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R.I. Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
(June 11-24-17)
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R.I. Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (June 11-14-17)

We have planned three exciting wine dinners in Atlanta and here is the much-anticipated information: | WelcomeOn Sunday night, we will hold our typically fabulous “Lifetime Members Only Dinner” at Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse ( located at 3500 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30326. We have developed an extra special 4- course menu which will allow you to select from several options. We will also enjoy a couple of outstanding wines (see the “A Few Special Wines” below in this newsletter) that will pair well with the food. This is our most upscale venue but will only cost $175 USD* per person, inclusive of wine, food, tax and gratuity. At the present time, there will only be room for about 65 Lifetime members and about that many have already expressed interest, so please go online now and make your reservations on Eventbrite and prepay:


On Tuesday night, we will dine at the Terra Terroir Restaurant, 3974 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30319 ( The delectable buffet menu and wines have been selected and the cost will be $125 USD*, per person, all inclusive. There will be room for about 100 people and, again, we urge you to purchase your tickets as quickly as possible at:


On Wednesday night, we will dine at the beautiful Canoe Restaurant, 4199 Paces Ferry Road, SE, Atlanta, Georgia (, which is located on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. As above, we have selected a wonderful buffet menu and accompanying wines. There will be room for about 125 people and the cost is $150 USD* per person, all inclusive. Tickets can be purchased at:


NOTE: The prices you see on the Eventbite sites, plus the fee they charge for their service, will equal the prices shown here in this newsletter.

Please note that we now have over 4,000 members in 66 countries and any seats not sold in advance tend to sell out quickly once the convention starts. Our existing members can make reservations and pay in advance. Members may invite guests, hopefully prospective RWAF members. Cancellations will be accepted up to 5 PM, Central Daylight Time in the US, Friday, June 2, 2017. In order to accommodate as many members as possible, it is imperative that you check in at the Booth in the House of Friendship as soon as you arrive at the convention to assure your seats for these events.

House of Friendship
We will also host a booth (Booth # 2639) in the House of Friendship. Our RWAF Secretariat (PDG Jerry and Katherine Wall, will organize the staffing of the booth. As those of us who have done this in past conventions know well, manning the booth is a wonderful experience – you get the opportunity to meet the neatest people from all over the world – and they share your interest in Rotary, great wine and good food. Anyone wishing to join us in the booth should contact Jerry now and/or come by the booth when the House of Friendship first opens on Saturday morning or as soon as you can.

The booth is not only fun, it is a most important part of our Fellowship. We get a chance to meet other RWAF members who we may not have seen in awhile and we gain membership. You can also pick up pins there if you have lost yours or want to purchase one for your spouse. We are checking on the availability of Exhibitor’s Badges.

Contact Jerry and/or Katherine at:,





Why Not Join Us...

We are always looking for Rotarians that have
an appreciation for wine and would like to enjoy this with fellow Rotarians..  Through your membership you will be able to learn more about wine and gain a better appreciation for the many aspects of wine.  We look forward to your joining us

What's happening...

Throughout the year there are many wine events that may be of interest to our members. We encourage members to let us know of an event in their area.  Many Rotary Clubs are involved with the wineries for Rotary events, Fellowship or special  fundraisers..  We have a special area of our website to list these events.

The folks behind this Fellowship...

As you know there are many opportunities to join various Rotarian Fellowship groups worldwide.  Well like any group someone has to take charge and put it all together.   Take a closer look at our Executive Committee.

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