Club Officers & Staff

Club Officers

President:Conrad C. Heede, PDG (
Vice President:  Stan Galanski, Jr.
Secretary: Dr. Jerry L. Wall, PDG (
Treasurer: Paul J. Pineider

Bo Morse (RC Port of Brisbane, D9630, & John Lane (RC of Paddington, D9600). (Shared Directorship)
Joan Arsenault, (RC Ipswich, D7930,
Brian Moore (Chief Grape), (
RC Point West, Sacramento D5180)

Staff: Webmaster, Ken Kohnhorst, Leavenworth Rotary Club, Leavenworth, WA USA  






Why Not Join Us...

We are always looking for Rotarians that have
an appreciation for wine and would like to enjoy this with fellow Rotarians..  Through your membership you will be able to learn more about wine and gain a better appreciation for the many aspects of wine.  We look forward to your joining us

What's happening...

Throughout the year there are many wine events that may be of interest to our members. We encourage members to let us know of an event in their area.  Many Rotary Clubs are involved with the wineries for Rotary events, Fellowship or special  fundraisers..  We have a special area of our website to list these events.

The folks behind this Fellowship...

As you know there are many opportunities to join various Rotarian Fellowship groups worldwide.  Well like any group someone has to take charge and put it all together.   Take a closer look at our Executive Committee.

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